Introduction to low carb products

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For many years the low carb alimentation has been a popular subject. Here carbohydrates are waived as far as possible. In contrast high-quality greases and food rich in protein (meat from beef, chicken and turkey, fish, milk products) and vegetable are allowed. The change of the alimentation in to low carb is much too often interrupted because the daily muesli, the vespertine sandwich or the lekker pizza must be waived. For this there are the special low carb products. On our opinion the low carb alimentation is the best possibility to a stable weight control.

Low Carb Shop, Products for your Low Carb nutrition - Konzelmann’s Original. Few carbohydrates. High quality. 
Konzelmann’s Original offers premium Low Carb products for a conscious nutrition. Whether for the completion of your daily menu, for the assistance of a Low Carb diet or as a valuable nutrition for athletes or diabetics: The Low Carb products from Konzelmann’s Original are the perfect basis for a carbohydrate reduced nutrition.